Is Kickscrew is Legit Real or fake Review

Is Kikscrew reliable? Discover the truth about this sneaker buying platform

Check out the truth about the Kikscrew sneaker purchasing platform: can we trust it? If you’re a sneakerhead looking for a reliable place to buy exclusive sneakers, you’ve probably heard of Kikscrew.

But is this platform really reliable? That’s what we’re going to discover in this article.

About Kikscrew

kickscrew is an online sneaker and consignment website/store founded in 2021 by people who love sneakers!

It has gained popularity for its wide range of styles and well-known brands. With a user-friendly interface and a promise of exclusive sneakers, Kikscrew has attracted a significant number of sneaker enthusiasts.

Kikscrew Services Overview

Kikscrew offers a diverse collection of sneakers, from limited editions to popular releases. They claim to have a rigorous process of sourcing authentic products and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The site is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, with detailed product descriptions, high-quality images and easy navigation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying from Kikscrew

Before making a purchase from Kikscrew, there are several factors potential buyers should consider.

These include the platform ‘s return policy , which charges a fee of 15% of the order value, customer support, shipping methods and customs fees (Import Fees) that vary according to the legislation in force in each country.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of these aspects to make a decision.

Are Kickscrew Products Authentic?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the authenticity of Kickscrew products , but why are there any doubts?

In addition to the store’s stock, they make consignment sales of other people’s products that are sent to the Kickscrew warehouse, authenticated by their team and sent to the end consumer with a label/seal:

However, despite the Kickscrew store’s authentication, many buyers have questioned (on some Internet forums) about the authenticity of the products offered during the purchase processes.

Steps to take if you encounter issues with Kikscrew

Even on the most reliable platforms, problems can arise. If you encounter any issues with your Kickscrew, it’s important to know how to resolve them effectively.

You can click on this FAQ Link on the Kickscrew website or through Official Instagram to solve your problem!

Unboxing and Review Kickscrew

Some Unboxing Videos from the Kickscrew Store on YouTube:

Final conclusion

After considering all the aspects discussed in this article, it is time to give a final verdict on the trustworthiness of the Kikscrew website.

Pros ✔️
Ease of purchase
Versatility in Items
Payment options
Cons ❌
Shipping agility
possibility of offering (BID)
Charge Return Fee
Charges Order Cancellation Fee
Insecurity of some Customers about Authenticity
Customer complaints about Service

In conclusion, Kikscrew is a popular sneaker shopping platform that offers a wide variety of styles and brands.

However, its reliability has been questioned by customers who have had issues with authenticity and customer service.

Although Kikscrew has positive aspects, it is essential to consider all the factors discussed in this article before deciding whether to trust this platform.

Our Opinion: I wouldn’t buy rare or limited edition sneakers at high prices on this site! Team 90 Sneakers

Now you can make a wise choice and ensure a satisfying sneaker shopping experience.

Alternatives to Kikscrew

If you’re hesitant to use Kikscrew or want to explore other options, there are alternative sneaker purchasing platforms available.

These platforms offer similar services and can provide a more reliable shopping experience.

We will highlight some of the popular alternatives, such as:

  • GOAT
  • Stadium Goods
  • Flight Club

We hope this helped and see you next time!