Top 10: Nike’s Most Futuristic Design Sneakers

Top 10: Nike’s Most Futuristic Design Sneakers

A list of Nike’s most futuristic designer sneakers ;

Since the beginning of its history Nike has sought to improve more and more the technology of its clothing and footwear, as we have seen in the past the Waffle technology, Air Max, Air Zoom among others.

However, in addition to technology, we will prioritize the design of the shoes, their futuristic construction lines and their beauty in the eyes of those who appreciate them.


10 – Nike Mars Yard Overshoe Tom Sachs

Created by Tom Sachs, Nike Mars Overshoes. The Mars Yard sneaker comes with a white upper with red accents, a blue Nike “Swoosh”, a blue midsole, and a blue and black outsole. These sneakers were released in January 2019 and sold for $550.

9- Nike Air Zoom Type

Unexpected geometries and handmade details are the hallmark of the Nike Air Zoom Type. The sneaker’s construction takes its form from an early prototype for the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%, but rather than setting a record, the Air Zoom Type is designed to address the stress on the body and feet during a full day away from man.

8- Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 

breaking shoe as Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour barrier of the Vienna Marathon in October 2019, wearing a prototype of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT.

7- Nike Space Hippie 03 

In addition to its futuristic design, the Nike Space Hippie 3 presents a proposal thought about the future of the planet, a collection of exploratory footwear built with Nike’s own “space junk”, transforms the waste material of the factory floor into a radical expression of circularity. design.

Every detail of Space Hippie’s four initial silhouettes, from the choice of materials to the manufacturing and packaging methods, was chosen with their environmental impact in mind.

6- Nike Adapt Huarache Opti 

Nike Adapt Huarache, além do design futurista, ele possui recursos da Siri Nike Adapt Huarache, in addition to the futuristic design, it has Functions of Siri (Apple’s intelligent assistant) to “tie and untie” your laces. O Huarache (introduced pela primeira vez em 1991) Mainly kept the essence of the original design with its neoprene material, but also has colored LED lights and the FitAdapt lace system that brings the memory of the Nike Air Mag, the shoe of “Back to the Future“.

5-Nike Adapt Auto Max Motherboard

A futuristic design with an advanced force loop for the Air Max platform with the introduction of Nike Adapt Auto Max.

With the DNA of Tinker Hatfield’s design aesthetic and sample elements of the Air Max 90 and Nike Mag, the Nike Adapt Auto Max acquires a new silhouette through its augmented profile and thicker midsole.

The design element of the Air Max 90 now highlights the Air Max unit, and the FitAdapt engine helps enable instant customization and responsiveness.

4- Nike Adapt BB 

Nike took charge of the future of basketball with the launch of Nike Adapt BB. The ultra-innovative Adapt BB features a black upper, two silver Nike Swooshes, a white midsole and a translucent outsole. These sneakers were launched in February 2019 and are priced at $350.

3-Nike Air Max Furyosa 

The Nike Air Max Furyosa Silver (W) is made with a grey mesh with metallic silver and black coatings. A stacked Air Sole unit and an alternative string loop system add the finishing touches to this experimental design.

The Nike Air Max Furyosa Silver (W) launched in June 2021 and retails for $160

2-Nike Zoom MMW 4 Matthew M Williams Gray

Matthew Williams, creative director of Givenchy, has joined forces with Nike to modernize the aesthetics of the tech runners of the early 2000s with the Nike Zoom MMW 4 Gray.

The innovative design was originally launched in early 2020 alongside Nike Dunk High AMBUSH at Nike’s Future Sports Forum.

The Nike Zoom MMW 4 combines transformative technology with urban appeal. A lightweight and breathable stone polyester mesh material comprises the top.

1- Nike ISPA Road Warrior

Nike ISPA Road Warrior might be the most complex project Nike has ever released to the public. The silhouette is practically a preview of Nike’s innovation lab, which references specifications ranging from basketball, running, training and clothing to outdoor activities.

In what is a very conceptual approach, the ISPA Road Warrior features a patched sail mesh top with a rubber cage superimposed by buckles and straps on the front of the foot.


Every day the technology of the shoes is improved and the launches are continuous. Maybe you don’t agree with this list or think that a Nike Air MAG is missing, but after a few hours of research we come to the choice of these models.

Thank you for getting here!

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