Best Sites to Buy Nike Air Force 1 – See official stores ✔️

Best Sites to Buy Nike Air Force 1 – See official stores ✔️

Are you looking for a pair of ORIGINAL NIKE AIR FORCE 1 , but are afraid to buy online? Calm! we created a list with LIST BEST SITES TO BUY AIR FORCE 1 the best stores and sites that sell AIR FORCE ONE .

In addition, you will be able to buy from wherever you are and receive it at your address.


First of all, how about a little history? the NIKE AIR FORCE ONE Sneaker was created by Bruce Kilgore (Same designer who created the Air Jordan 1 ) And its name was inspired by the name of the Airplane: Air Force 1 AF-1 that carried the President of the United States.

At first Air Force one had its introduction in 1982, available only in the HIGH (high barrel) version.

The Air Force one was produced in 1982 and discontinued in 1984. But it was reissued in 1986 with the modern italic logo of Nike with a swoosh symbol on the bottom of shoes.

Little has changed on Air Force One since its inception in 1982, although the original stitching on the side panels is no longer present in modern versions of the shoe.

Since then, more than 1,700 color variations have been produced, generating an estimated revenue of 800 million dollars/year.


The Nike Air Force one White were originally considered the favorite sneakers of inner-city youth, especially in  Harlem  , New York; hence the nickname “Uptowns”.

Yet a decade ago, sporting goods analyst Matt Powell told the  New York Times  that Air Force one sold about 12 million pairs in 2005 alone, more than two decades after its debut; the shoe is still Nike’s second best-seller a decade later, according to Powell.


The Air Force one – AF 1 has some variations such as:

Nike AF 1 High:

AF 1 Mid:

AF 1 Low:

Nike AF 1 Low:

AF 1 Lunar High:

AF 1 Lunar 1 Mid:

Nike AF1 Special Field:

AF 1 Lunar Boot:

Nike AF 1 Boot:

Nike AF 1 Ultra Flyknit:

Where to buy Nike Air Force 1 Women’s ?

Where to buy Nike Air Force 1 Men’s ?

How much does a pair of Nike Air Force 1

Depending on the model and Colorway, the retail prices of a Nike Air Force range between $89 and $250 (considering store retail values).

What are the best selling colors for the Nike Air Force 1 ?

Nike Air Force 1’s best-selling colorways are:
1- White
2- Black
3- Pink
4- Gray
5- Blue (royal and Midnight)
5- Multicolor


Whether it’s male Air Force or female Air Force , we’ve created a list of websites and stores that sell the Authentic Air Force 1 to help you find your authentic Air Force one 

Buy Air Force 1 Female and Male at Reseller Stores:

Buy Nike Air Force 1 Used For Women And Men: