What is adidas Boost?

BOOST is a technology created by adidas Innovation Team (AIT) in partnership with the German company BASF.
It was created to unite two benefits, namely: softness and receptive cushioning.

The BOOST midsole is made with thousands of expanded particles that work together to increase responsiveness with each step.

BOOST technology was officially introduced into adidas’ running line in 2013.

Today, BOOST technology has become an icon in running shoes, being so popular that it ended up being implemented in sports shoes and various shoes in urban culture.


According to adidas, Boost is made of thermoplastic polyurethane particles that expand to form closed cells, involving small air pockets.

The result of this is known as thermoplastic expanded polyurethane or TPU.

So, this is the technology that gives the power to absorb and return the athlete’s kinetic energy and it is a technology that changed the athletic footwear industry forever.

Some models of adidas shoes with BOOST technology

Anyway, here are some examples of shoes with BOOST technology:

  • Adidas Energy Boost
  • Supernova Boost
  • Yeezy Boost
  • Adizero Goodbye Boost
  • Adidas Sub2 Boost
  • Adidas Ultraboost
  • Ultraboost x
  • Solarboost
  • Ultraboost 19
  • Pulseboost Hd
  • Ultraboost 20


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