Is StockX Legit ? Review

Is StockX Legit ? Review


The StockX was founded in 2016 and is a market online, which facilitates negotiations between sellers and buyers .

After making a sale through the platform vendors send the items pras facilities StockX for inspection and verification and then authenticated products are shipped to buyers. 

StockX features a variable pricing structure “similar to the stock market” and publishes historical prices for specific items. 

StockX is best known for sneakers and Streetwear clothing, but also carries other items and accessories, such as caps, bags, watches and luxury items. 

The StockX surpassed eBay in total tennis transactions in 2017. During the authentication process, if proven, Counterfeit Items are returned to sellers and buyers are refunded. The StockX charges a 3% processing fee for all dealers and a transaction fee of 9.5% for new users.


First of all, I’m a big fan of the whole StockX interface  The BUY / SELL and OFFER / Bid functions are extremely easy to use, and the fact that there are live updates for each size makes it extremely easy to see exactly what the market prices are for the shoes you want. 

Is StockX Legit ?

Yes! I consider StockX to be 100% Legit and Reliable! It is worth noting that this observation is for direct purchase on the platform

As soon as the seller sends the Tennis, it is sent to the StockX offices , located in Detroit, and they are authenticated by the StockX team.. The team also checks for imperfections, ensures that the shoes come with all the extras (laces, labels, cards and other items that can be applied to the model) and also ensures that the box is in good condition. 

This process usually takes about a business day and your Shoes are shipped to you. Therefore, taking into account the Important Authentication service, quality control, sending in double box etc. 

taking advantage of the hook here is a tip to be careful with the purchase of sneakers with StockX seal / tag purchased OFF the platform… unfortunately counterfeiters use the company’s credibility to sell counterfeit items with their name.

Unboxing + Review StockX

Seth Fowler: unboxing first purchase from StockX!