When it comes to purchasing limited edition sneakers, choosing the right platform is key. Two popular options on the market are StockX and GOAT . But what is the best platform to buy sneakers? In this article, we will do a complete comparison between them, analyzing their features, security and reputation.

Introducing StockX and GOAT

StockX and GOAT  have emerged as online sneaker reselling sites where you can buy sneakers easily and hassle-free. 

One of the main ideas of the platforms is to reduce the risk of buyers purchasing counterfeit or even damaged or defective products that can be found in physical stores. 

StockX was founded in 2015 by Dan Gilbert, Greg Schwartz, Josh Luber and Chris Kaufman looking to create a sneaker resale marketplace. 

Four years later, the platform now offers more than just sneakers. You can also buy bags, watches, various streetwear items, collectibles and even Video Games.

GOAT was also founded in 2015 to operate in a similar way to StockX . 

One difference between the two is that GOAT remains an exclusive resale site for sneakers, Apparel and Accessories. Currently does not sell other products outside the category.

Both are exclusive to online purchases only, and this can be a problem for people who don’t trust or don’t like buying online.  

Buyer Protection: StockX vs GOAT

Sneakers can have absurd prices. Especially limited edition ones which, if sold in a physical store, can result in queues to buy. 

But with online shopping, it’s much easier. Both StockX and GOAT have implemented vetting processes on sneakers before shipping them to the buyer when an order is placed. 

Furthermore, verification is also necessary as the sneakers ordered by a customer are from a third-party supplier and not from the store itself. 

While verification processes are great for protecting buyers from being scammed, it has its drawbacks. One of the reasons is the delay in shipping sneakers (from the analysis warehouse to the buyer).

AvailabilityStockX vs GOAT

Both StockX and GOAT are available on the web, and on APPs for Android and iOS. This way we can make purchases on the platforms at any time.

Download APP:


Products: StockX vs GOAT

As stated before,  GOAT currently only works with sneakers, unlike  StockX , which seeks to diversify its portfolio. 

Another interesting fact about GOAT is that the platform resells new and used sneakers. But StockX only deals in new sneakers (DS-Dead Stock). 

With only new sneakers available, prices will be higher. 

However, you will be happy to add a new pair of sneakers to your collection. 

At GOAT, you have the option to buy new or used sneakers. And for safety reasons, all sneakers are inspected before being sent to the customer, meaning they will analyze wear, scratches and other damage that may be present in the item.

Easy to use: StockX vs GOAT

Talking about the interface/navigability GOAT offers a better user interface than StockX . 

You can buy new or used sneakers wherever you are, and it’s a simple process that anyone can understand for the first time. 

It is similar to any other purchasing process in other online stores. 

The StockX website is very busy and can cause confusion for those just starting out. It has these “stock market” options like features, price buttons on the website that can be a little confusing. 

However, this is why StockX markets itself as a “sneaker stock exchange”. 

Buying Process: StockX vs GOAT

The purchasing process on StockX is quite rigorous – you can buy instantly or bid on a sneaker option (BUY NOW).

While it’s easier to just buy the sneaker outright, it’s also legal to bid and try to negotiate the price option (PLACE BID).


Over time, depending on the quantity you purchase, bidding (BID) may cause you to pay more as your “bidding skill” increases. 

GOAT does not offer bidding options (BID), which makes it easier to purchase sneakers. Place your order, pay and GOAT will do what is necessary for you to receive the sneakers. 

Once you place an order, both platforms offer comprehensive authentication processes to ensure the quality of the sneaker is as expected.

Once the sneaker passes the verification process, it can be shipped to the customer immediately. If by chance the sneakers do not pass the verification process, the order will be canceled by anyone and the buyer will receive the money paid back.

GOAT accepts returns during a certain period, while StockX does not. 

Sneaker selection and availability

When it comes to sneaker selection and availability, both StockX and GOAT offer a wide variety of options. However, there may be differences in the availability of specific models or exclusive collaborations between platforms.

StockX is known for its wide selection of sneakers, including popular models and collaborations from renowned brands However, because prices are determined by the market, there may be times when a particular model is only available at higher prices. On the other hand, GOAT also offers a wide selection of sneakers, including exclusive and hard-to-find models. However, some users report that certain sneakers may be more available on StockX than GOAT and vice-versa.

Payout: StockX vs GOAT

GOAT currently accepts payments in US dollars only. 

While StockX accepts a total of four different currencies including $USD, $AUD, $CAD and € EUR and £ GBP. 

StockX accepts payments using credit/debit cards and PayPal. 

GOAT accepts payments by credit/debit cards, PayPal plus Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For US residents, both services offer flexible payment options using Affirm. With Affirm , you can buy a pair of sneakers and pay for them over 3, 6, or 12 months with interest. 

But GOAT also supports Afterpay , another flexible payment platform that’s a little faster and interest-free, unlike Affirm.

Shipping: StockX vs GOAT

Because sneakers need to go through a verification process, merchandise from a third-party retailer may be slightly delayed. 

GOAT guarantees that products typically take between seven and ten business days to ship – but the process is sometimes much faster. 

StockX is slower at shipping its products compared to GOAT and it can take up to two weeks for sneakers to reach the buyer. Additionally, GOAT has an Instant Shipping feature that will have the company send the already authenticated sneakers to you after you place your order.

GOAT charges $10 to ship goods within the United States and between $30 to $40 to other countries. 

StockX charges $13.95 for shipping in the United States and between $30 to $40 in other parts of the world .

A useful feature that is available in GOAT is “Order Progress” which allows you to track the order throughout the process, from the moment it was placed. While a similar feature is available on StockX , it is not as comprehensive as GOAT .

User Reviews and Reputation

When deciding between StockX and GOAT , it’s important to consider user reviews and each platform’s reputation. Both platforms have a loyal user base and are widely recognized in the sneaker market.

StockX has received positive reviews for its authenticity and offering unique sneakers. However, there have also been some criticisms regarding customer service and shipping times.

On the other hand, GOAT is praised for its user-friendly interface, counterfeit guarantee, and efficient customer service. However, some users report that prices on GOAT can be higher compared to other platforms.

GOAT VS STOCKX – Which is better?

Ease of purchase✔️
New and pre-owned sneakers✔️
Shipping agility✔️
Accepts returns✔️
possibility of offering (BID)✔️✔️
Versatility in Items✔️
Payment options✔️

Conclusion – Which platform is the best to buy sneakers?

One of the coolest things is buying sneakers, and buying sneakers online has never been easier with the evolution of the internet, smartphone technology and wonderful websites like Goat and StockX .

When considering all the features, pros and cons, it is difficult to say which platform is the best to buy sneakers – StockX or GOAT.
If you’re looking for a stock exchange-like experience with market-determined pricing and guaranteed authenticity, StockX might be the best option for you. However, if you value an intuitive interface, a wide selection of sneakers, and an extra guarantee against counterfeits, GOAT could be the right choice.

Both  StockX  and  GOAT  have their advantages and disadvantages as sneaker resale sites. 

Overall, GOAT appears to offer a better sneaker shopping experience than STOCKX , we took the following criteria into consideration:

  • Ease of purchase
  • New and pre-owned sneakers
  • Shipping agility
  • Accepts returns

However, carefully analyze your needs and preferences, do additional research and choose the platform that best suits your needs.

The decision is up to you. Regardless of your choice, both StockX and GOAT are reliable and popular platforms where you can find a wide range of limited edition sneakers.

you can individually check and compare the most suitable option, as well as the best values ​​and deadlines.

Important Tip: On both GOAT and StockX , be very careful when purchasing items that are more than 5 years old after their official release. Take into account the age of the product, as there may be structural decomposition consistent with aging or hydrolysis in certain types of products, such as sneakers.  90 sneakers Team

So, go ahead and get that dream pair of sneakers!

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